What do bloggers collect? The April Issue

For all of you who are reading this series for the first time, it all started in April when I posted a pic of my some of my porcelain mugs on Instagram asking what my followers or other IG users were collecting. Since there were quite some responses, I decided to start this series inviting friends, and I do love the result of getting a sneak peek into my virtual and real friend passions and hobbies. Some images are a total surprise others not. All of them are beautiful! This time I am having friends over from Germany, Spain and Italy.

WDBC Lebenslustiger What do bloggers collect? The April Issue

Hi there, I am Anette, professional designer and blogger on Lebenslustiger - an inspirational lifestyle blog where I share my photographs and stylings, DIY’s and up dates of my jewelry shops.
I am German born and raised and after spending many years living and playing on California beaches together with my husband and our two children we recently relocated back to northern Germany and just moved into a gorgeous city loft.
I am an avid collector of natural things like stones, small and large pieces of wood (I just obtained a 550 lbs piece of a large tree and had it hauled into our apartment…),
fibers and baskets. I love the muted colors and I never tire looking at the fine to rough textures, lines and forms of these kind of objects which inspire my work as a designer, photographer and stylist.
Today I show you a small collection of some of my favorite baskets. All of these are brought home from travels. I like to store my yarns and materials in them.
That way I can easily carry them around the apartment and start working with happy busy hands.

Thanks so much for having me, Gudy!

WDBC La Bici Azul What do bloggers collect? The April Issue

My name is Maria Eugenia, I am blogging on La Bici Azul, a personal blog where I write about everything that inspires me in the interior, art and design field, while at the same time I am sharing my recipes, experiences or travels  in a rather personal way.

I’d like to share a collection I recently started but I am really excited about it since those are illustrated plates with designs from Lady Desidia (my favorite illustrator), one from Zara Home, onother from Abe the Ape and finally a design I have done myself (below right). I hope I’ll make this collection growing and can count in a future on a remarkable illustrated crockery.

5 What do bloggers collect? The April Issue

About me and my blog:

Living between London & Italy, I’m an Interior designer & stylist and also co-founder and co editor in chief of Heart Home magazine, the UK’s first digital interiors/lifestyle magazine. I first started my blog Arianna’s Daily (formerly known as Arianna Interiors) back in 2010. My blog is a personal lifestyle destination about all things that inspire me.  From Interiors to Travel, from Fashion to Food and all things that feed my curiosity.

Why Am I collecting these pieces?

I recently started collecting medicine bottles because they are beautiful accessories that I am immediately drawn to. Also as they are original pieces, each bottle has a history and a story, which totally fascinates me. It’s become a little addiction of mine and I just cannot get enough of them. They really do make the home that little bit more interesting.


Thank you , ladies, I so much enjoyed your pictures and little stories! Gudy, xx

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Barcelona Style: Cabinet BCN

Bea Targarona has opened Cabinet BCN a few month ago. A shop located in one of the nicest areas filled with a nice variety of complements and small furniture made to order.

After an intense career in the corporate world, Bea decided it was about time to follow her dreams, renovating a space she found in the area of Gràcia and opening Cabinet. And the past month have proofed, she was right!

Barcelona Style CabinetBCN 1 1 Barcelona Style: Cabinet BCN

Barcelona Style CabinetBCN 1 Barcelona Style: Cabinet BCN

Barcelona Style CabinetBCN 2 3 Barcelona Style: Cabinet BCN

Barcelona Style CabinetBCN 2 1 Barcelona Style: Cabinet BCN


Barcelona Style CabinetBCN 1 2 Barcelona Style: Cabinet BCN

Barcelona Style CabinetBCN 3 1 Barcelona Style: Cabinet BCN

Barcelona Style CabinetBCN Barcelona Style: Cabinet BCN

Barcelona Style CabinetBCN 2 Barcelona Style: Cabinet BCN

Educated as an interior designer, Bea offers customized services to her clients working with many providers who can offer tailor sized furniture which clearly makes a difference. Apart from nice nordic brands, there is a lot of local providers and it’s the perfect spot if you want to gift your friends or family with a lovely detail.

I truly admire people who follow their dreams, so, if you are around, please pay a visit to Cabinet BCN!

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Trend Report Milan, part I

So, here come some more trends from the Salone14 and there will be another post written for decor8 on my monthly column. There has been so much to observe, impossible to do a sum up in just one post. Not all listed trends below are total news, some are them are just logical evolutions of what we might have spotted last year but manufacturers believe there is still market to go and come up with some changes still within the same topic.

And this counts already for the very first trend: PERFORATED metal is not brand new but it is getting stronger. It used to be an option for furniture but you find complements and wall finishings now too.

perforado c.numeros Trend Report Milan, part I

1  | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Number 2 would be SHOWCASE CABINETS with the idea of displaying your treasured objects, it’s not about a mere storing but showing the pieces you just  love. There is a certain ‘museum effect’ and most of the time, there are slim feet sustaining a glass body.

showcase cabinets NUMEROS Trend Report Milan, part I

1  | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Room dividers have been a new feature for me this year. Actually there were much more but until you don’t spot them at least four or five times you don’t realize, there seems to be a trend. I just couldn’t remember then where I had seen the first ones after 3 days of fair walking. What I liked about these designs below is the more contemporary approach with tie dye effects, knitted or just plain fabric pieces. And how about the giant head beds aka dividers? Habitat by the way has a very similar one now in their collection (at least here in Barcelona, designs vary from market to market).

Salone14 room divider Trend Report Milan, part I

1  | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

And then we have a major chapter with everything related to your hall, entrance and coat rack. It somehow started with the famous Muuto Dots which have been inspired so many other brands and the offer on knobs and hooks is just wonderful right now. Plus there are all kind of coat racks making your entrance a truly stylish part of your home now. No excuses anymore. But see yourself:

hooked trend Salone14 Trend Report Milan, part I

1  | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

It’s been a wonderful fair this year, I have enjoyed every single moment, specially at the off-salone showcasing the best of young talents and fresh design. I am already having a look at next year’s accommodation, it’s going to be the expo year for Milan. So, if you plan to go, don’t wait too long!

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Meet The Blogger comes to Barcelona

Some of you already heard the news but were missing the final details: Meet The Blogger  is always thinking about new concepts and comes now to Barcelona. We have been organizing a very cool event for you on September, 21. This is a Sunday so you can fly in on Saturday or even much better on Friday, get some deserved shopping time, we can have a get together the night before and then kick of Sunday morning with a nice Brunch event at THE must have been spot in town.

Algunos ya habéis sabido de la noticia pero sin saber aún todos los detalles. Pues ya está!  Meet The Blogger que no para de reinventarse con nuevos concetos viene a Barcelona y os hemos organizado un evento el 21 de Septiembre de lo más fantástico. Será un domingo, así que lo que venís de fuera podéis desplazaros ya el sábado, o mucho mejor el viernes ya, daros el gusto de hacer unas compras. El sábado noche podríamos vernos para tomar algo antes del evento y conocernos. Y a la mañana siguiente empezaríamos con un brunch en el lugar que hay que estar ahora.

MTB BCN Brunch Meet The Blogger comes to Barcelona

Interior Designer Jaime Beriestain has opened a concept store and café last fall and we have the chance to spend our blogging event at this uber cool location (first time they do a blogger event in fact). The idea behind the brunch is an easy mix&mingle, getting to know us a bit more during the morning with a short entertainment part with a conference of aprox. 45 min. It’s an introduction to interior & lifestyle insights 2015/16 (in English & Spanish) and I will be the lucky speaker here. Very happy! Be prepared for a sum up of my travels, panel meetings and trend conferences I have attended myself.

El conocido interiorista Jaime Beriestain ha abierto un concept store el pasado otoño y vamos a poder pasar el evento en este sitio tan en vogue en estos momentos. De hecho, es la primera vez que se celebra un evento de estas características con bloggers allí. El concepto del Barcelona Brunch se centra en el poder conocerse, intercambiar experiencias y habrá también una conferencia de tendencias  de interior & lifestyle 2015/16 que voy a impartir yo durante unos 45 min en inglés y castellano. Será un resumen de mis viajes a ferias internacionales, conferencias de tendencias que haya observado y reuniones de expertos en este campo en las que participo.

0001 Meet The Blogger comes to Barcelona

On the MTB site you’ll find all details including links to hotels we have teamed up with to offer better travel conditions. It’s pretty warm still at this time of the year and you might want to have an extra-large summer in Barcelona! Don’t you? For some more info about this place and other lovely cafés, you might want to visit while in Barcelona, here goes an article I put together for Heart Home Magazine. I hope it inspires you.

En la página de MTB vais a encontrar todos los detalles  y datos de algún hotel que ofrece condiciones especiales. Septiembre aún es un mes muy cálido así que lso que venís de fuera podéis disfrutar de un verano algo más largo. Suena bien, no? Para ver algún café más de los que me gustan a mi y quizás queréis visitar durante vuestra estancia, aquí hay una artículo que escribí para Heart Home Magazine que espero os pueda inspirar.

PicMonkey Collage1 Meet The Blogger comes to Barcelona

Would love to see you all! Who is coming? xx, Gudy

PD:  There is a limit of 50 seats with a early bird ticket price of 75€, and you can book your tickets here.

Bueno, me encantaría veros. ¿Quién se apunta? Un abrazo, Gudy

PD: Sólo hay 50 plazas con un precio de early bird de 75€ por ticket, y te puedes registrar aquí.

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Alissa and Nienke Ceramics in Milan

I discovered these two ladies last year at the Salone where Diesel would serve their coffee with their cups and you could buy them afterwards. Smart idea but I didn’t take any with me and always regretted it.

This year they Alissa and Nienke seem to have grown a lot showcasing their own space at Ventura Lambrate at the Off-Salone with a working area where you could observe the whole process of making their beautiful marbled cups.

Alissa Nienke Ceramics cup1 Alissa and Nienke Ceramics in Milan

Alissa Nienke Ceramics showcase Alissa and Nienke Ceramics in Milan

Alissa Nienke Ceramics Alissa and Nienke Ceramics in Milan

Alissa Nienke Alissa and Nienke Ceramics in Milan

Alissa Nienke Ceramics bowl Alissa and Nienke Ceramics in Milan

Alissa Nienke Ceramics molds1 Alissa and Nienke Ceramics in Milan

Alissa Nienke Ceramics marble Alissa and Nienke Ceramics in Milan

Alissa Nienke cabinet Alissa and Nienke Ceramics in Milan

So, they manage to do about 20 pieces a day and can use every plaster mould like a 100 times until they have to do new ones. It is porcelain mixed with pigments and after a first firing they apply a transparent glaze which then goes to a second firing. Every piece is unique and you know how much I love this idea!

This year I haven’t I didn’t hesitate a second and got this beautiful cup with me!

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DIY Wired Easter Eggs

DIY Easter Wire Eggs spring ornaments DIY Wired Easter Eggs

Hi dear eclectic trend readers! It’s Mette again from monsterscircus. How are you? I hope you’re so lucky that it’s spring in you part of the world.
Today I have the honor to share a new project, and I do hope that it’ll bring warmer weather and a fresh look into your home with this Easter idea – and I hope you’re ready to get egglicioused. Let’s jump to the tutorial.

DIY Easter Wire Eggs Bow DIY Wired Easter Eggs


DIY Easter Wire Eggs supplies DIY Wired Easter Eggs

  • Flat wire
  • Multi nose plier
  • Something round for e.g. a tumbler
  • Thread

1. Making the Egg shape

  • Step 1Cut a piece of wire.

DIY Easter Wire Eggs cutting the wire DIY Wired Easter Eggs

Step 2

Pull the wire around the glass.

DIY Easter Wire Eggs shaping the eggs DIY Wired Easter Eggs

2. Shaping the Bow

Step 1

Cut a piece of wire and bend an angle.

DIY Easter Wire Eggs bending the wire DIY Wired Easter Eggs

Step 2

Bend a curve as pictured.

DIY Easter Wire Eggs bending the bow DIY Wired Easter Eggs

Step 3

Mirror the curve and cut another piece of wire.

DIY Easter Wire Eggs attaching the bow DIY Wired Easter Eggs

3. Attaching the Bow

Step 1

Combine the egg and bow by wrapping a small piece of wire of both pieces.

DIY Easter Wire Eggs wire bow DIY Wired Easter Eggs

You’re done.

The eggs are very versatile – Grab a bunch of blooming branches and hang the wire eggs. As a good way to enhance the spring feeling you can use some rip off from an old vintage botanic book.

DIY Easter Wire Eggs tutorial DIY Wired Easter Eggs


If you don’t want to hang the eggs, you can attach them on gifts or even use them a napkin rings for your Easter table.

DIY Easter Wire Eggs idea DIY Wired Easter Eggs

That’s all from me today, now I’m eager to hear if you have a perfect Spring starter project on your mind, maybe something Easter related?

DIY Easter Wire Eggs Spring Decor DIY Wired Easter Eggs

Thank you so much for reading and until I’ll see you again let your creative side shine on.

DIY Easter Wire Eggs DIY Wired Easter Eggs

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