My August Mood Board

I have been coloring porcelain slip during this month with some really nice results (will show you on my IG feed). One of the color palettes I wanted to achieve was the scale from pale pink to terra-cotta, and I did!! My August mood board is about finding  porcelain colors inspired by the Earth Color Trend and translate them into my White Atelier Ceramics collection.

My August Mood Board - ECLECTIC TRENDS

Images by Wij Zijn Kees | Kasia Bobula | Kirstie van Noort 

Et voilà. Keywords have been here: nature connection, artisan, handmade, feminine, earth, tribal, delicate, organic and ancestral. Since I do not want to make it look rustic, I will come up with some golden glaze effects too, I’ll show you in a second step. Happy Monday and last day of August! G, x

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The Glass & Walnut Loft

Glass-and-Walnut-Loft-in-Paris-by-CUT-Architectures-Eclectic Trends

This interesting interior design project named The Glass & Walnut Loft has been designed by CUT Architectures and is located in Paris. The apartment has been conceived to fit the intense social life of its owners, offering a wide living space combining a living room, a kitchen, a dining room and a guest room/study, giving all together the appearance of a very urban loft (though there is a second floor).

Glass-and-Walnut-Loft-in-Paris-by-CUT-Architectures-Eclectic Trends

Glass-and-Walnut-Loft-in-Paris-by-CUT-Architectures-Eclectic Trends

Glass-and-Walnut-Loft-in-Paris-by-CUT-Architectures-Eclectic Trends

Glass-and-Walnut-Loft-in-Paris-by-CUT-Architectures-Eclectic Trends

This curved glass volume which makes it an interesting project, continues the transparency on the ground floor of this amazing apartment, offering the possibility to be isolated thanks to integrated curtains following the curved glass. This space can therefore be used as well as a study or a guest room when required.

How interesting is the fancy and furry (made of raffia viscose) Cabana cabinet by the Campana brothers?  It gives the perfect unexpected touch here and can be opened from every direction to access the hidden circular shelves. I am not a fan of the red kitchen chairs here to be honest but I do like a lot the armchair next to the sofa!

You can see more images here. G, x

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It’s trending: Sweet Tropicana

It’s trending is a series of ongoing trends we are having right now here. What are the news? The ongoing Jungle Trend goes Pastel. With a very strong nod to the 50s.

If you haven’t succumbed to the jungle fever yet, tropics are back with a much more feminine approach coming all pastel-infused. Since all Interior Design Trends evolve in one way or the other, we can confirm this year, we are seeing the revival of the Sweet Tropicana vibe, highly influenced by fashion and somehow reminding us of the Californian 50s.

Icons are pineapples (yes, still!), live foliage or if not available, printed palm leafs with a special mention on banana and monster leafs, and flamingos (apparently another keeper, who knew?!-though I believe we should move on). Key colors are all kind of pastels, set off with deeper botanical greens and graced sometimes with golden details.

It's trending-Sweet Tropicana - Eclectic Trends

It's trending: Sweet Tropicana-Eclectic Trends

Studio Pepe

A bit of tropicana feel in the home is the ultimate escape from reality, and (my favorite) Italian creative designer duo Studio Pepe knows better than anyone how to translate this micro trend into a fun interior design approach. Flamingo pink and turquoise are the keywords for these images shot for Elle Decor Italia.

It's trending: Sweet Tropicana-Eclectic Trends

It's trending: Sweet Tropicana-Eclectic Trends

100 Layer Cakelet

Pastel colors come often spray painted and have inspired many diy projects for fun parties like this botanical theme done for a baby shower.

It's trending: Sweet Tropicana-Eclectic Trends

It's trending: Sweet Tropicana-Eclectic Trends


This place looks great. FOOUND is a concept store located in Geneva. It’s thought as a space where young artists and entrepreneurs gather sharing yoga classes, craft workshops, exhibitions and other events with a not to miss 50s feeling. I think the color combo is really inspiring with a rather dramatic backdrop (see the dark wallpaper?), all offset by candy colors.

It's trending: Sweet Tropicana-Eclectic Trends

Contemporary collection by Cole & Son | Carousel-Flamingos by Sanderson

Let’s talk wallpaper.

Flamingos come in either a refined more classic style (left) or bolder pop look (right). It’s interesting to see how well the theme works for both styles just changing a few design features.

It's trending: Sweet Tropicana-Eclectic Trends

Preppy with pearls| New Contemporary by Cole & Son

For the trendiest ones, mix tropical prints with any other prints. Fruits, vegetables, florals, animal print – all these look fabulous against a tropical pattern. I am looking forward to see what comes next within the ongoing Mega Green Trend. G,x

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Color Inspiration n#4: Strawberry, Sand, Gray, Gold & Peach

Color Inspiration n#4 - Eclectic Trends

Karolin Wolter by Maciek Kobielski for WSJ Magazine | Meredith Turnbull Favor Jewelry | Florine van Rees

I have been working on a new color inspiration but truth is I am still very much drawn to this feminine color palette.This time I wanted a more elegant touch with yellow metals, gray and sand. It’s not that girly but still very soft. And yes, kind of sophisticated. Nude and pale-pink, two colors that have become meanwhile timeless are evolving showing us different shades every season and their combinations are countless. Pink can become soft and dusty or be flashy with a bubble-gum effect. There is always the New Pink.

Whereas nude stays soft but can get a darker tone into sand or become slightly peachy with some more orange in it. In general terms, this palette is just what I love most. And my favorite combos to go with are white, gray, black and gold. G, x

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3 examples of the perfect blend of styling and moodboarding

Have you noticed lately the fine barrier between styling and moodboarding? Many brands show their product ranges now photographed taking bird’s eye view pictures, and you can’t help but being reminded of a great mood board put together.

3 moodboarding style examples - Eclectic Trends

3 moodboarding style examples - Eclectic Trends

Styling Aliki Kirmitsi | Todd McLellan Photography

Today I want to show you 3 examples of the perfect blend of styling and moodboarding. Toronto-based artist,photographer and author Todd McLellan explores mainly series of very detailed photographs of dismantled objects. His still life images range from organized to chaotic, and from high-tech (a Blackberry, a MacBook) to low tech (a wagon, a bicycle) to beautiful commercial projects such as the series you see here. His book, “Things Come Apart” features 50 objects that have been arranged into compositions showing how gadgets work.

3 Moodboarding style examples- Lawton Miles - Eclectic Trends

3 Moodboarding style examples- Eclectic Trends

Lawton Miles Styling | Sully Sullivan Photography

Haus Interior’s candle collection, the boutique interior design firm wanted a way to describe smells to online shoppers beyond mere words. So the company hired Lawton Miles photographer Sully Sullivan to produce a collection of scent mood boards. Carefully curated, cleanly arranged objects fill in the emotions and contexts of a smell that words might miss.

3 moodboarding style examples - Eclectic Trends

3 moodboarding style examples - Eclectic Trends

Swedish prop&set stylist Joanna Lavén has been created these gorgeous table top compositions. What are the common characteristics of the moodboard stylings?
  1. the new visuals work with geographic shapes, either on the backdrop or through all elements gathered together
  2. negative space is important so you can still appreciate the individual elements. Sometimes images are framed through negative space ( pic 1-2, 5-6)
  3. color is used both for design purpose and making the eyre rest. With so many elements to display, color has to be used in well structured way working out different shades within one color
  4. all of them have a focal point. Can you tell which?

I have gathered 8 different techniques in my online course when it comes to structure a mood board and all of them apply to this kind of product styling too. Hope you find it inspiring. G, x

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A minimal family home in London with a Scandinavian look&feel

I had seen the kitchen images on the net but not the full home until now. With a rather monochromatic color palette, the Fulham house is a personal project by Daniel Lee, his photographer wife Emma and two children. Daniel, an architecture enthusiast designed and oversaw the renovation by himself together with a builder and tough they have already moved on into a new project, it’s worth sharing these images.

Minimal interior design in london- dining - Eclectic Trends

minimal interior design in london - dining room - Eclectic Trends

minimal interior design in london outdoor

minimal interior design in london kitchen

minimal interior design in london kitchen detail

minimal interior design in london kitchen

minimal interior design in london living

minimal interior design in london work space

How about the movie watching area and the office at the back? I am definitely ‘jealous’ of the office space, it looks very versatile and perfect for shooting vignettes.

This house seems like located in Scandinavia rather than in London with all the wooden flooring from Danish company Dinesen, white back walls and wooden cabinetry used for the kitchen. You can see  more images of the children’ s and parent’s bedroom and bath here. G,x

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