Smoking Pool and a little summer break


Smoking Pool - Eclectic Trends

This is an editorial  shooting for Elle Decor Italia, realized by my favorite ladies designer team StudioPepe and shot by Federico Cedrone. That’s a lot of talent in one sentence when it comes to great interior design.

The location is an empty, giant swimming pool from the 20th, in Milan.

Smoking Pool - Eclectic Trends

Smoking Pool - Eclectic Trends

This is the perfect post and an elegant transition to my summer break! Wishing you some wonderful relaxing weeks ahead not doing anything but enjoy nature, sun, a nice cocktail at sunset and spend the entire day in beachwear. I see you soon again! G, x

PD: The newsletter runs again as per August, 5th welcoming a new trend expert.


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Moodboarding For Professionals – A workshop review

I hadn’t written anything so far about the Masterclass program and since I have some really nice images this time (thanks to Joanna Noguera), I thought it would be nice sharing with you some impressions today before we all head to the beach and get a well deserved summer break in a few days.

Mood Board Workshop - Eclectic Trends

Mood Board workshop - Eclectic Trends

This one-day workshop is thought for professionals who want to learn a technique to get A) clarity in any creative process (kick off a new collection, rebrand or create a vision of where do you want to be in 3 years time) or B) learn how to present a concept or project to a client through a well structured mood board and basically gain that client.

Mood Board workshop - Eclectic Trends

The moodboarding part in itself is fun where we see how to apply four different techniques but it’s not thought as a ‘simple’ How To create A Mood Board Workshop (that is covered with the online course). It goes much further with strategic learnings of how to set up up your board in a first step and building up a coherent and powerful message.

Mood Board workshop - Eclectic Trends

We were seeing how to use emotional and rational keywords at the wall I had set up with the last color trend I had published about Earth Colors for A/W 2105/16 and would then create the very individual work everybody had already quite prepared with a workbook that was sent out earlier.


There is no point in setting up just a pretty collage with no concise message if you want a professional tool to present to your client.”

Mood Board workshop - Eclectic Trends

Mood Board Workshop-Eclectic Trends

Elisenda from The Wedding Dreamer presenting her board to the group.

Mood Board workshop - Eclectic Trends

La Vie en Rose by San, Úrsula Sanchez, Maria Garrida, Mama Coquette

I tend to have 12-14 students per workshop and we work together through several group exercises making it a quite dynamic day. It’s about creating the mood board, presenting the why behind to the group, offering solutions and benefits and getting then a feedback from other student’s.

Mood Board workshop - Eclectic Trends

It’s very interesting to observe the fact that what might look obvious to you as the creator of the mood board might not be so to the rest of the group.

groMood Board workshop - Eclectic Trends

Joanna Noguera Photography

You can see some of the finished mood boards over here (I choose those which I thought were easier to grasp for someone who does not know the process behind). 

I think they all did such a great job! Looking forward to the summer break now but can’t wait to teach the last class for 2015 in September (there are only a few spots left in case you’d like to join in) again. It’s really a super rewarding day always! G, x

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Barcelona Style: La Ricarda

This place is one the most well kept secrets in Barcelona.

In 1949, the Gomis Bertrand family decided to contact the Catalan architect Antoni Bonet, who was living in Buenos Aires, to put him in charge of their summer and weekend home in an idyllic place next to the sea and surrounded by pines. Bonet was directing the works from a distance, that is what I have enjoyed a second time: a modular house that spreads out on the land, being part of the environment and under an incredible roof of catalan vault that seems to float among the pines.

Barcelona Style - La Ricarda - Eclectic Trends



The glass building enclosure mixed with the ceramic lattice creates spaces with plenty of natural light and one of the highlight when visiting is getting to see the original furniture, which was carefully thought by the architect, giving you the perfect 60s vibe.




Salva López Photography

The second Kinfolk gathering was done there (and that’s how I found out about this place) which I missed but La Ricarda (1949-63) is open for reserved groups, and who knows, I always might come up with an interesting event to organize myself..G, x
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Color inspiration n#3: A Teal + Terracotta + Gold Story

Color inspiration: green+earth +yellow - Eclectic Trends

Studio Pepe | Rachel Denbow | Thomas Lohr | Sylvain Meyer

Earthy colors and all kinds of greens are the colors lately I work most with or I am most drawn to. This is an interesting color palette for summer ,and I see a great potential for A/W as well. Speckles and ginger hair are having a come back, liquid gold is really hot (have you seen Amal’s bias cut dress?), and teal is just a timeless shade popping up every summer again and again in a brighter or darker shade.

However, it’s the gold tone and the touch of gray that make the combination sophisticated and more mature. Are you having a favorite color combo for this season? G, x

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My July Mood Board

The Tropical Trend is all over and during a speaking engagement for the Barcelona’s business women community, I decorated a wall with all things I thought could be cheerful and belong somehow to a tropical theme characterized by its density and overload of materials and colors – like the jungle itself. If you follow me along, you know it is not quite my color palette but tropics are full of color, so I was happy to adapt :)

My July Mood Board - Eclectic Trends

My July Mood Board - Eclectic Trends

You know by now, I am always working with a concept before starting choosing my materials so my keywords here had been: density (and a certain, ‘all over the place’ feel which was easy to create by pinning lots of materials), green palm leaves, lush vegetation, botanical prints, flower fabrics and color chips of different greens, earthy tones from terracotta to copper orange, yellow, pale pink and a splash of bold pink. A few wooden samples painted with the same shades from Farrow & Ball were underlying the color scheme here.

The Washi Tape I used came in pale pink and green not wanting to use more colors. Anyhow, I am using much less preferring the cleaner look&feel of a double-sided tape in many projects now.

My July Mood Board - Eclectic Trends

My July Mood Board - Eclectic Trends

Lara Lopez Photography

The June Mood Board I had done for Farrow & Ball last month showed already a very similar look&feel. It’s the summer vibe, I guess:) G, x

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The most amazing kitchen styling for Boffi’s kitchenology concept

Elisa Ossino Studio for Boffi-Eclectic Trends

There is always be a first time for something.

This is the first time I see a kitchen styling that was literally jaw-dropping. I couldn’t believe when browsing through the entire catalog, the work and concept that has been created here, and I really went back and forth uncountable times.

Elisa Ossino Studio for Boffi-Eclectic Trends

Elisa Ossino Studio for Boffi-Eclectic Trends

Elisa Ossino Studio for Boffi-Eclectic Trends


I never publish more than 6 pics in my posts and with this one exception here, and I believe today it’s a no-rules day again. I am not able to take another image out (I had 10 of them).

If you follow photographer Tommaso  Sartori and his work, you will immediately recognize his signature style. I love his dramatic and very artsy style, even all props involved are basically pretty rustic. But he still brings the story to his side creating a catalog with old painting alike images including contemporary still motion effects.

Elisa Ossino Studio for Boffi-Eclectic Trends

Elisa Ossino Studio for Boffi-Eclectic Trends

Elisa Ossino Studio for Boffi-Eclectic Trends

I am wondering if the animals are all photoshopped or if they had organized a little zoo at the photo studio:) He is one of my favorite commercial photographers, and I already loved this story he did for Boffi a while ago. Splashing water drops and smoking objects are kind of his thing.

And if you want to see a really interesting styling portfolio, please check Elisa Ossino‘s work. I have stumbled upon her styling sessions already twice in the last few days and she is anything but conventional. There is always an amazing set up guaranteed. Seeing those two work together here is a real visual feast! G, x

PD: You see there is no particular note on interior design or Boffi’s kitchen concept, sorry, the styling and photo story just have me totally gripped.

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