Table Top Styling for sisterMAG

When Toni and Thea, founders of the renown online magazine sisterMag asked if I wanted to contribute to their new issue which is all about insects where every section is named after a little creature (butterfly, bug, bee and earthworm), I wouldn’t even think about it. And having two features this month was a more than wonderful surprise, but let’s start today with the table top styling.

WhiteAtelierCeramics by Gudy Herder

As a side topic, this month fragility comes into play, and Thea thought my ceramic pieces would fit in nicely in their Table Of The Month topic. It’s been a great opportunity to get me back to my ceramics workshop, and I produced a few extra pieces just for the shooting such as the platters.

WhiteAtelierCeramics by Gudy Herder

WhiteAtelierCeramics by Gudy Herder

WhiteAtelierCeramics by Gudy Herder

Thea has beautifully layed-out the article and entire issue (she says she hadn’t been lay outing that much in a while and this edition is dear to her heart!), there are a few more images, please hop over now and feel free to share! Thanks a lot! G, x

PD: I have finally set up a fb page and there is an IG feed too of White Atelier Ceramics. Please note the name has changed a couple of weeks ago (former WhiteAtelierBCN). Will I see you there?

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My video highlights of the Salone del Mobile 2015, part II

Good morning! I hope you were able to watch yesterday‘s videos of the Salone visit. Today I am sharing with you the last two we have been filming.

The next clip is about an unexpected and not planned visit. I had spotted on other Instagram feeds the most amazing images, and we thought having a quick look would be of no harm wanting to go at some point anyhow to the San Babila area. That was the opportunity to step into nothing less than one of Milan’s well preserved palazzos were Napoleon Bonaparte would live in 1796.

Have you ever dreamed about being in a speechless environment as an adult swinging from one end to the other in a historical ‘salon’?

Caesarstone-THE VIDEO--Milan Design Week-Eclectic Trends

Please enlarge the screen to see the videos in its best quality!

Amazing, right?

And to finish up, Mindcraft showcased Denmark’s most talented craftspeople and designers, and this fascinating installation set up by creative team GamFratesi was just another highlight!

Milan uses its historical locations throughout the different districts so beautifully these days. You have to see this one in the following clip set up at the San Simpliciano cloistered courtyard. Thanks to the mirror tiles on the floor, we were able to enjoy an extraordinary visual impact throughout the day which would change with the day light!

Mindcraft-THE VIDEO-Milan Design Week-Eclectic Trends

I hope those of you who couldn’t make it enjoyed the four videos, I’ll post next week still a trend review. G, x


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My video highlights of the Salone del Mobile 2015, part I

We have been working pretty hard to get these videos published between today and tomorrow, and give you a glimpse shortly after the Salone has closed its doors until next year. But here they are, and I couldn’t be happier with the result!

My highlights of this years editions have been at the Off-Salone and not directly on the fairground but I have to say, I spent far more time at other districts than at the official fair itself. And it proved to be right again since the really cool stuff, amazing talents to watch and fantastic installations are located all around the city.

There is no particular trend I want to talk about in these videos (that’s a different post) but give you a feeling about the Milan Design Week vibe, and what you might expect to find in case you decide to go next year.

Don’t forget to enlarge the screen for maximum inspiration!

Let’s start with Italian’s fashion (and lifestyle) brand Marni and their giant fruit market installation Mercado de Paloquemao referring to Bogotá’s market. It’s been full of light, colors, the smell of exotic fruits, and altogether really good vibes since the reason behind the designed pieces is nothing else than supporting and involving a group of women in Colombia to become independent. But see yourself:

 Marni-Milan Design Week- Eclectic Trends

The next stop was at the Dimore Studio which I did not expect to find open. They are my favorite Italian designer duo but I didn’t even thought about the possibility to find their amazing apartment open to the public. But Instagram helped out:) I featured them several times on the blog already, and being able to step into their world was just…well…unbelievable. The showroom is crazy, impossible to define their style and unpredictable designs. All I can say is: superb!

Dimore Studio-Milan Design Week- Eclectic Trends

The next two videos are coming tomorrow and they are pretty special, both are shot in a really stunning historical environments.

Have a great day! G, x

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Gatherings – Li Edelkoort at the Milan Design Week 2015

I discovered Li Edelkoort‘s exhibitions last year for the first time at the Salone and I loved it! She changed the location this year at Ventura Labrate with Gathering – From Domestic Craft To Contemporary Process which belongs to a larger exhibition that has originally been commissioned by Design Museum Holon (Israel).

Gathering-Li Edelkoort- Eclectic Trends

Vadim Kibardin | Floris Wubben | Ditte Hammerstrom | Jule Waibel | Aleksandra Gaca | Meike Harde

“A time to design flexible geometric patterns that can be imagined in different handmade techniques: to plead materials into newer, stricter shapes with a folding technique that has been fascinating man since the beginning of time; to wrap objects as if creating contemporary sculptures, so that the packaging becomes the expressive outer skin of the product; to layer and compact fabrics into club-sandwich in multiple strata of fluid material; to drape textiles into elegant examples of cultural forms; to smock matter into spheres of ornamental opulence, leading to the revival of a baroque moment.

Gathering--Li Edelkoort-Eclectic Trends

 Pepe Heykoop | Christina Liljenberg Hastrom

These kinds of gathering go back in time and belong to the collective memory of our mothers and grandmothers patiently sliding needle and thread up and down a fragile textile, meticulously mending an old pair of socks, serenely quilting by the fire place, softly knitting some wool yarn into new forms or lovingly smocking the garment of a new-born grandchild. At times, mothers would be exuberant and outgoing working on Sunday best clothes and heritage linens, using embellishments with haberdashery, pearl buttons and opulent techniques like shirring and smoking. To fulfill their fantasies, ribbons could be used for ornamentation and embroidery could narrate their innermost thoughts and feelings, communicating to other their female perspectives.

Gathering--Li Edelkoort-Eclectic Trends

In an incredible reversal of roles, these demoting techniques are now inspiring our high-tech industries driving them to review the production process with new and abundant options, lending a sense of frivolity industrial design, feminizing the modernist movement, domesticating the creation of form. On the eve of this major revival of industrial processes, the design world suddenly lays witness to several young designers compelled to invent their own machines or reform existing engines in order to manufacture their own designs – a fresh generation of inventors/designers interested in the process as much as in the final product, viewing the machine as an ally rather than a constraint.

Gathering-Li Edelkoort-Eclectic Trends

 Bernotat&Co | Issey Miyake | Christina Liljenberg Hastrom | Kiki van Eijk

Bridging the gap between different age groups and genders, between rich and poor, and between craft and industry, these options offer made-to-measure and made-to-taste solutions for the public at large. In becoming one, man and machine create a bond that is a  promise for all future developments in the 21st century. The hand and the engine gather together to create a new manual for the design discipline, waiting to be explored.”

Gathering--Li Edelkoort-Eclectic Trends

Anton Alvarez | Jule Waibel | Min Nan Hui | Issey Miyake &Reality Lab

Texts by Li Edelkoort. It’s interesting to read her texts and though I might have sensed a similar movement, I am not able to put it into words the way she does it. Would love to have one of her exhibitions one day in Barcelona. G, x

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Ceramicist of the month: Christina Schou Christensen

It’s interesting to observe that glaze is the most important ingredient here whereas the clay seems to play a secondary role. Ceramic glaze serves a variety of purposes. It serves a purely practical function as a protective layer that makes a ceramic cup pleasant to drink from, renders plates hygienic and enables jugs to hold water. Additionally, glaze can be used as ornamentation to decorate ceramic objects. But glaze also holds form-giving properties.

Ceramicist of the month- Christina Schou Christensen-Eclectic Trends

Glaze is normally applied on ceramic after it has been “bisque” fired and before being re-fired. In reality, it’s also a material that can be used to give form, thanks to its viscous properties. And that’s exactly what Danish ceramicist Christina Schou Christensen intended to showcase with project her Shaping Fluid. The glaze is watched at its melting point-and stopped.

By combining these factors, Christina ventures into new expressive and functional territory in the working of ceramic. The objects already subjected to firing are stripped of their coating that thus transforms into a sort-of gel, apparently malleable but really an element that gives them shape and becomes art in itself.

Ceramicist of the month- Christina Schou Christensen-Eclectic Trends

Ceramicist of the month- Christina Schou Christensen-Eclectic Trends

Ceramicist of the month- Christina Schou Christensen-Eclectic Trends

The concept behind the Soft Folds series below is to show the softness of clay: The dry soft surface is inspired by the way ceramic looks when its been glaze sprayed but not fired. It has a powdery look very much on vogue now with the pastel color trend (see the corresponding trend post here).


Ceramicist of the month- Christina Schou Christensen-Eclectic Trends


Christina Schou Christensen shows reluctance to let her objects be defined as crafts in the conventional sense and are manifestly not limited by restrictions, guidelines and ordinary, traditional regulations.

These last pieces remind me very much of a similar technique I used some years ago when taking some private classes with Joan Cots. We used to stuff clay slaps with paper (which was burnt then during the firing process) to mold the soft forms. Sweet memories! G, x

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From The Moodboard To The Finished Product – Bernice K. for Anthropologie

I am back to blogging though I will post much less than I used to do. I guess it’s a process and other projects are taking over quite some time now. Though I love to be here, I am shifting right now priorities a bit. The video online course is coming to life very soon and I am working on several on-site programs too.

I couldn’t think of a better post to start again than presenting you today a creative process (and inspiration board) from one of the most successful lifestyle labels that is always so inspiring.

This is just another beautiful example of watching a sketch and inspiration board and see the finalized product that came out of the creative process. The process you can observe is not that of a real moodboard collecting materials and images from different sources, but rather a gathering of colors and patterns that will be included in the collection.

from the mood board to the finished product with Bernice K- Eclectic Trends

Bernice K is Anthropologie‘s design director and she shares the process and inspiration of some of the dinnerware assortment pieces she has been designing for the American retailer.

From the moodboard to the finished product with Bernice K-Eclectic Trends

In an interview given for the in-house blog she explains that pen and paper are literally attached to her starting off any work with a sketch or watercolored draft. One of her sources are all the photos she takes wherever she goes being on a cultural event or a library.

“The process is quite organic, but it always begins with having an open eye to what you can adapt and develop.”

From the moodboard to the finished product with Bernice K-Eclectic Trends

It’s interesting to read her answer to the question of when she uses which technique:

“I find that when I paint, I’m often looser. It takes me to a place I wouldn’t normally go. I am a great believer in using the wrong brush, so that it forces something different. I have stacks of little paintings I’ve done whenever something’s caught my eye. I’ll paint it real quickly and then save it. I won’t throw it away, because I know that sooner or later, it will get used. ”


The original inspiration of the Gloriosa collection was found in Turkish textiles. If you observe the patterns here, it’s easy to  imagine their source of creative influence. They tend to juxtapose a textile idea, but infuse it into hard goods to give it new life.

From the moodboard to the finished product with Bernice K-Eclectic Trends

From the moodboard to the finished product with Bernice K-Eclectic Trends

When it comes to glassware collections, Bernice states she enjoyed very much a trip throughout central Europe, working with people who’ve done Bohemian glass for years. Everything is completely handmade with a lovely mix of different textures and motifs.

I wouldn’t mind being an intern for a while at their headquarters being immersed in the design processes of their homeware collections, I bet it’s a little master in itself.

Have a beautiful week, sending warm regards from Milan and the Salone del Mobile today! G, x

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