Micro Trend: Greenhouses

Greenhouses or glasshouses are so trending! You’ ll find them in many different styles now, pre-constructed or as a DIY project in mini versions. When doing some research, I have learned quite a bit. Domestic greenhouses are used mainly for growing plants, vegetables and fruits, ok, nothing new here but there is a long tradition behind.

Already in the 13th century, greenhouses were built in Italy to house the exotic plants that explorers brought back from the tropics. They were originally called giardini botanici (botanical gardens). The French called their first greenhouses orangeries, since they were used to protect orange trees from freezing. England had its golden era during the Victorian era, as the wealthy upper class and aspiring botanists competed to build the most elaborate buildings.

greenhouse trend black frames Micro Trend: Greenhouses


Today you can have pre-constructed greenhouses in a quite minimalistic look (how stylish are the black framed right now?) or you go for a more romantic design. The original idea has evolved, and nowadays they are used as added living rooms such as dining spots, home offices or reading nooks. Or how about having your bedroom built in nature?

greenhouse bedroom Micro Trend: Greenhouses

Designed by Ville Hara and Linda Bergroth

Greenhouse trend KEYWORDS1 Micro Trend: Greenhouses

gangandthewool greenhouse Micro Trend: Greenhouses

Gang and the Wool

We could say they belong to the Macro Green Trend where it’s all about living as close as possible to nature, bringing plants into our homes and get our extra dose of relax and oxygen without needing to move to the countryside. Plus, there is the effect of a more sustainable living being able to grow your own fruits and vegetables.

white green house Micro Trend: Greenhouses

Via Claus Dalby

I have never thought about it before but it seems DIY greenhouse kits have made possible to bring costs down, and make it easy to build your own little paradise in your available space. That sounds so tempting! If you go to some of the provider sites, they state that their greenhouses will match the architecture of your home and can suit any existing foundation. Ok, another reason to move out of the city.

greenhouse micro trend Micro Trend: Greenhouses

Barbara Groen Photography | Les Potagers de Thomas

So, two things I have on my wish list: attending a shibori dying course and having an extended living space in a greenhouse. What are coincidence both are not offered in Barcelona :-) What’s on your bucket list?
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Blossom type

I love a pretty floral type! All letters you see below are crafted by digital art director Alice Mourou and it’s so interesting to see the making of pictures too, they give you the perfect example of how delicate the flowers and tools were during the crafting process.  You can see almost all letters and numbers here.

blossom type gif Blossom type

blossom type a Blossom type

blossom type g Blossom type

blossom type q Blossom type

blossom type alphabet Blossom type

blossom type 2 Blossom type

blossom type 4 Blossom type

blossom type 6 Blossom type

blossom type tool Blossom type

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DIY Leather Travel Tags with Transfer

Make Leather transfer Essentials DIY Leather Travel Tags with Transfer

Hi dearest eclectic trends readers! It’s Mette from Monsterscircus and I’m always looking so much forward to spend some time with you. Today we’ll make something vacation related, sounds great, huh?
It’s travel time and whether you’re taking off on a business trip, family vacation or a romantic getaway, you can keep your luggage safer with these customized leather tags.

DIY leather tags with transfer supplies DIY Leather Travel Tags with Transfer
Acetone (work next to an open window or go outside)
A pair of scissors
Revolving Leather Hole Punch
A piece of paper (the smoother the paper the better your transfer will be)
A computer
Laser printer or get a copy printed in your local copy shop
A cotton cloth

DIY leather tags with transfer step1 to 41 DIY Leather Travel Tags with Transfer
Step 1

Create your desired design and print it. Remember to mirror your design!

Step 2

Cut two similar pieces of leather.

Step 3

Apply glue on the backside of bother pieces and press them together.

Step 4

Cut off two of the corners.

DIY leather tags with transfer step5 to 81 DIY Leather Travel Tags with Transfer

Step 5

Punch a hole at the end of the tag.

Step 6

Prepare the printed design for transfer, cut off excess paper but not too much.

Step 7

Face the design onto the leather.

Step 8

Apply a bit of acetone on the cotton cloth.

DIY leather tags with transfer step 9 to 12 DIY Leather Travel Tags with Transfer

Step 9.

Firmly press down your left hand on both the paper and the leather, and now you’re going to slide the cotton cloth from right to left.

Step 10

Repeat sliding the cloth until the paper becomes translucent and you can see your design.

Step 11

Remove the paper and see the lovely result.

Step 12

Cut a leather string.

DIY leather tags with travel quote DIY Leather Travel Tags with Transfer

Step 13

Tie the string to the tag.

Voilá! Ready, set, go!

DIY leather tags with transfer DIY Leather Travel Tags with Transfer

On the backside of the tag, you could make a transfer with your name and address, but remember to use a print friendly font that’s easy to read and transfer.

DIY leather travel tags with custom transfer DIY Leather Travel Tags with Transfer

So, how do you think it looks? Customized travel essentials, ooh darling, don’t you just need this for your next take off?

DIY leather tags with your own custom transfer DIY Leather Travel Tags with Transfer

If you’re not going anywhere, don’t fear, you’ll still have an excuse to try this one out.

Make stylish key hangers or try the transfer technique on your leather planner. But be sure to try this one out a couple of times before using the transfer technique on your darling leather goods.

That’s all for me today, so until next month take care and enjoy summer!

Please see some more of Mette’s creative DIY projects here. We hope you get inspired and enjoy the crafting moment.


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A very minimalistic and trendy home in Stockholm

Architects and designers Claesson Koivisto Rune were in charge of a very inspiring project in Stockholm. The brief they received from the owners was about ecological materials, meticulous details and a flowing distribution. The look&feel is frankly distinctive, almost sacred with some surprising design elements.

Stockholm home living A very minimalistic and trendy home in Stockholm

Stockholm home dining room A very minimalistic and trendy home in Stockholm

Stockholm home white and yellow gold kitchen A very minimalistic and trendy home in Stockholm

Stockholm house  A very minimalistic and trendy home in Stockholm

Stockholm home bedroom A very minimalistic and trendy home in Stockholm

Stockholm home bath A very minimalistic and trendy home in Stockholm

White and gold is my favorite color combo this summer; what do you think about the kitchen color/material combo? One can’t avoid thinking about its functionality but it looks fantastic. Don’t you think?


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My July Moodboard

This is the first time I am showing you a mood board from my ceramics workshop. I have been working on the look&feel of White Atelier, the label under which I will launch a little ceramics collection later this year.

My key words here I have worked with are black&white and gold when it comes to colors, nature then and textures as a general term. I found some textures I want to integrate somehow (see the last image), still thinking about how, and  the colors I have put together here will be used for the logo and packaging.

juli moodboard My July Moodboard

juli moodboard hand My July Moodboard

When it comes to describe emotions in this mood board, I chose an image (via Cocorrina) I really like since it represents my wanted color scheme and a message at the same time that is always good to be aware of during a creative process. Believing in what you are doing, in who you are and that everything will turn out just fine!

juli moodboard believe My July Moodboard

juli moodboard texturas My July Moodboard

And I absolutely wanted to surround myself with some pieces, samples, experiments I am working now with. So, voilà, that is this month inspiration. What is yours?

Texture images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

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A colorful home in Morroco with the most stunning patterns

Whenever you find a project photographed by Richard Powers, you know you are for a visual feast.

After falling in love with Morocco, Caitlin and Samuel Dowe-Sandes, American expats who own and run the tile company, Popham Design and their four-year-old daughter decided to live in a 1930s bungalow in the Guéliz neighbourhood of Marrakech.

colorful Morroco home A colorful home in Morroco with the most stunning patterns

Generous splashes of blue and geometric patterns are decorating their home and giving a sort of showroom character of their own collections such as  the ‘Zigzag’ tiles of their dining room.

colorful Morroco home hallway A colorful home in Morroco with the most stunning patterns

“We felt that it begged for a powerful punch,” says Caitlin about the hallway. “The wide stripes would lead people from the entrance to the dining room, which is filled with natural light.”

colorful Morroco home living A colorful home in Morroco with the most stunning patterns

The couple has picked up many flea-market treasures including these stunning leather armchairs and twin portraits found in Marrakech, while the 1960s circular coffee table was discovered in Paris.

colorful Morroco home bedroom A colorful home in Morroco with the most stunning patterns

“Marrakech is so pink and dusty – we used shades of blue to give ourselves a break from the pink,” says Caitlin. The Ferm Living ‘Feather’ wallpaper brings an element of graphic pattern and elegance contrasting with the bolder blue wall.

colorful Morroco home bath A colorful home in Morroco with the most stunning patterns

What do you think about using a pretty bold pattern for the flooring and wall ? I guess the interesting part here is the height of the patterned wall. Again black & white and blue seem to be one of their favorite color combinations. The ‘Hex Zigzag’ tiles make a serious style statement here, anchored by white paint that runs to the ceiling and make the room so much lighter.

Photographer: Richard Powers Designer: Caitlin and Samuel Dowe-Sandes of Popham Design Source: InsideOut

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