‘It’s a moody Wednesday’- IG challenge #8

You can see from the title, I have changed the hashtag of the Instagram challenge. The reason is I could not keep track anymore of the entries since many igers had started posting images with #itsamoodyday every day of the week. It’s interesting to see how a hashtag that did not exist until then, can become so popular in such a short time.

After updating the app on the phone a couple of weeks ago, I realized I couldn’t see the published date anymore on the grid, and it had just become too time consuming to track back all the entries and see whether the image had been uploaded that same Wednesday or at a previous date. But the change has been pretty smooth and I am really glad. So, if you had been participating already, please tag you image again with the new hashtag if you want to pop up on the new grid. Thank you so much.

But let’s see for now the winning image from the past week:

Captura de pantalla 2014 11 22 a las 14.04.06 Its a moody Wednesday  IG challenge #8

Congrats to knobz_. This fading flower bouquet is such a beauty.

Collage3 Its a moody Wednesday  IG challenge #8

This week is a little homage to flowers and i particular to pink flowers. There have been some pretty rose and peony entries this time. There were much more but please remember to upload your pic that same Wednesday and tag twice if you want to enter the challenge.

alittlemorelovely | emilyquinton| georgiestclair | anna_placidi

You can see the whole story now for the first time on Steller (feel free to share) and further editions here. Have a productive week! G, x


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DIY Faux Ceramic Eucalyptus Wreaths

DIY Faux Ceramic Christmas Eucalyptus Wreath tutorial DIY Faux Ceramic Eucalyptus Wreaths

Hi dear eclectic Trends readers, it’s me Mette again – I’ve really been looking forward to join you again! Oh, don’t you just love this time of the year? I’m very fond of the idea of more often gatherings with friend and family and just being together – oh, and the atmosphere? It says: “please sit down and stay awhile”.

Today I’m going to show you how you can create these gorgeous Christmassy rings with the oh-so popular ceramic look – and my green friend today is the gorgeous eucalyptus.

DIY Faux Ceramic Eucalyptus Wreaths DIY Faux Ceramic Eucalyptus Wreaths

If you’re not in need of napkin rings, hang them on a bunch of branches, on your Christmas tree or use them as the perfect hostess gift.

So, shall we get started?


Eucalyptus branches



Container for mixing

Painting Stick

DIY Faux Ceramic Eucalyptus Wreaths supplies DIY Faux Ceramic Eucalyptus Wreaths

Step 1

Bend the branch backward and create a ring by wrapping 1 – 2 inches of the end of the branch to the middle of the branch.

Fix the ends with wire.

DIY Faux Ceramic Eucalyptus Wreaths shaping the ring DIY Faux Ceramic Eucalyptus Wreaths

Step 2

Now it should look like this.

Prepare the Cera-Mix according to the label directions.

DIY Faux Ceramic Eucalyptus Wreaths Christmas Idea DIY Faux Ceramic Eucalyptus Wreaths

Step 3

Dip each wreath in the mix.

DIY Faux Ceramic Eucalyptus Wreaths dipping in ceramix DIY Faux Ceramic Eucalyptus Wreaths

Step 4

Hang the wreaths to dry – with Cera-Mix it takes about 15 minutes, it’s super quick.

DIY Faux Ceramic Eucalyptus Wreaths hang to dry DIY Faux Ceramic Eucalyptus Wreaths

And that’s it, set your table!

DIY Faux Ceramic Christmas Eucalyptus Wreath Decorations DIY Faux Ceramic Eucalyptus Wreaths

You can choose to go with the all white look, spray paint them or maybe you’re in the mood for adding glitter – I really love the simple look and by choosing to use them as they are, they will fit almost any table setting.

Even though the wreaths looks very fragile, they are actually pretty study, but they won’t survive when dropped on the floor.

DIY Faux Ceramic Eucalyptus Wreath Christmas DIY Faux Ceramic Eucalyptus Wreaths

Of course you can do the same trick with concrete, sounds good huh? However, look at these they really imitate the look of real ceramic work and you can make them in only 20 minutes!

As you know each Wednesday Gudy’s running this fantastic IG serie #itsamoodywednesday and this my dramatic entry, I hope you’re going to join us the following Wednesday!

DIY Faux Ceramic Eucalyptus Wreathitsamoodywednesday DIY Faux Ceramic Eucalyptus Wreaths

So let me hear you how will you add some personality and sophistication to your upcoming Christmas table? Maybe with fresh eucalyptus?

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this little project. I’ll be using these faux ceramic pretties as seriously charming and seriously simple gifts, hangings on the wall and in my window.

See you next time!


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A workshop review: Define Your Signature Style, London

It’s not an easy task to sum up two days of learnings and teaching.  I will try to show you images that speak by themselves. Time flies by and it has already been more than 10 days that I’ve been in London, teaching a new program with my amazing partner in crime, Emily Quinton. It all started when back in May, Emma Harris asked me after my conference at The Hive if I could think of bringing a moodboarding workshop to London. I love to travel abroad with this program but my only condition is always to have someone local who helps out with organizing the logistics since I don’t know anything about proper locations or catering services in other cities than Barcelona. Through a common friend, I was introduced to Emily and what was supposed to be a help with my workshop, ended up in a common program!

Defining Your Signature Style concentrates on 3 actual and trendy styles in photographing and moodboarding such as 1. bright&colourful, 2.minimal and 3. moody. We were giving tips and tricks of how to convey those styles in our students’ projects being it a collection, online-shop, blog or brand images. But if you don’t relate to any of these styles, that is fine too, we just adapted to what everybody wanted to work with.

emily teaching2 A workshop review: Define Your Signature Style, London

Emily kicked-off the weekend with her easy to understand photography lessons on a dSLR camera in aperture mode and loads of insider tips for smart phone editing programs, apps and, of course, Instagram. She is a great teacher making people feel very comfortable! And what you see and read through her online presence, this is exactly what you get! Most of the images of this post are taken by her (and Ruth who has been taking already several workshops with Emily and just repeated again). If you can’t make it to London, she runs online classes too!

emily teaching5 A workshop review: Define Your Signature Style, London

For both of us, it’s been the first time co-teaching together but we met already in August in London and knew it would be just fine! Apart from her theory, there was plenty of time to practice. These are some examples for the different styles and pictures taken with the first lessons:

pics the first day A workshop review: Define Your Signature Style, London

From TL to DR: Ruth is more a moody type with a glam rock twist (very well worked on her mood board). Whereas Emma opted for the minimal style with a slightly moody touch. Natasha loves everything related crafting and nature. She says, “everything close to ‘soil’ would be my style”.  And Andri just went minimal moody! For a bright & colorful feel, please, see Emily’s picture here.  And you can see many more images via #DYSS14 on IG.

The second day started with an exercise where everybody had to define ‘what image represents me’, and I don’t want to explain you too much but it turned out very interesting. Afterwards we went through some theory learning 10 different creative techniques and how to structure and balance a mood board with quite a few examples. It’s all about making it balanced. In case you missed it, I wrote this week about the funnel shape of a mood board and why it works.

Then it was time for some group fun and we came all up with a few examples of what currently inspires us as on a giant mood board. I love this part. You never know what you get, and it makes it so refreshing.

giant mb A workshop review: Define Your Signature Style, London

group at giant mb A workshop review: Define Your Signature Style, London

moodboard from right A workshop review: Define Your Signature Style, London

What else did we do? I had a life mood boarding session prepared where I was guiding through my way of working, and how I try to make it balanced. Will show you the end result by next week on the blog as the images will be published at my monthly moodboarding series.

And finally everybody wanted to get hands on with their very individual project after having gained all the previous information. The point is to start with a selection of images and materials you want to work with, then filter them and stick to the essential. Too much information is confusing and misses the objective of the exercise.

Props2 A workshop review: Define Your Signature Style, London

props ruth31 A workshop review: Define Your Signature Style, London

One of my favorite things is always to observe and admire the personal props of everybody. Even I bring a large suitcase full of material ( traveling with two suitcases and a hand bag has been at least adventurous:-), I always highly recommend to create the collage as personal as possible with own material. It helps a lot during the creative process.

on the floor A workshop review: Define Your Signature Style, London

At the end of the day, everybody was putting up her work and the group would tell the message they felt transmitted. This is in my experience the best way of getting a feedback and finding out if the intended message was accomplished. The other students would step into the shoes of an imaginary client giving advise and reflect on the work. So much learnings!

These are some of the mood boards that were made. You can see more on my Workshop Board on Pinterest.

mb students2 A workshop review: Define Your Signature Style, London

TL to DR: Andri from Always Andri, Sarah from Sarah notes, Rikke from Career on your terms, Emily from Makelight.

It’s been very interesting to observe the different styles that were worked through the weekend! The inspiration boards above belong clearly to a brighter style than those below which would pretty much resonate with me, whereas Emily loves bright & colorful, and being that different it makes it even more fun to teach together because we learn from each other too.

mb students1 A workshop review: Define Your Signature Style, London

TL to DR: Emma from A quiet style, Ruth from Coral and Bone, Natasha from Taking a moment in time, Sabrina from Wolves In London.

I can’t thank enough Emily and all students for the wonderful experience. Definitely, one of my highlights in 2014!

If I would repeat? I’d love to. We have been asked for a new date and are figuring out with Emily our 2015 calendar. Please do me a favor and sign in here, you will be the first to receive news about upcoming dates, I honestly will not be able to keep track on all the lovely requests. Thank you!

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Claire Delmar’s table top styling

I have come across Australian stylist Claire Delmar when seeing her home and in particular her nice kitchen on the net the past days. This table setting is so inspiring and I would love to go for something similar for Christmas this year! How beautiful are these blues and fabrics all together! It looks simple but is so well designed, styled and built up! Well, making look anything simple is an art in itself!

3NEW2 Claire Delmars table top styling

BlueV1blue 132 765x1024 Claire Delmars table top styling

9 765x1024 Claire Delmars table top styling

11 765x1024 Claire Delmars table top styling

No words for this paper chandelier! Jo Neville from Paper Couture holds classes for these magnificent Pajaki pendant lampshades. According to Claire “Pajaki – is a Polish paper chandelier that was made to embrace the Harvest and brighten up the home after a long grey winter. They were made with straw and lots of coloured paper often using recycled gift wrap”.

BlueDetail3 019 765x1024 Claire Delmars table top styling

6 765x1024 Claire Delmars table top styling

I love how she describes her projects, it’s almost like an essay and you just see the entire story with a different angle upon reading it. She even has a recipe for you!

Do you already know how to set up your festive table this year? G, xx

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Moodboarding Analysis: the funnel shape

I thought it could be interesting to share a bit on the blog what I teach in my workshops. I will come up in 2015 with two kinds of workshops, one is a 4 hours session where I will teach how to structure a mood board and the use of different materials for a more personal project. The main goal is to get clarity of all the ideas spinning in your head and bring them to life through a visual map with tactile elements.

The other course will be an entire day targeted to professionals who want to sell more through a profounder moodboarding analysis in their business. We’ll come up through different techniques with a mood board that defines your signature style and which can be used for your brand image or blog. And as an ultimate goal will help you sell more. I am working on the 2015 agenda and will let you know shortly.

But today I’d like to share with you an analysis of a mood board and why the way it’s created here, works. Many people still underestimate the power of a WELL-STRUCTURED mood board. Structure is key to convey a message, otherwise it can be perceived as a confusing collage or just a nice gallery to look at but with no major impact.

analysis bynord Moodboarding Analysis: the funnel shape

Bynord is an online shop and they sell wonderful home decor complements. As a stylist who has shot quite come catalogs, I can tell you that a few lookbook images are crucial, even your main catalog is made of pack shots. But they give a feel of how the products can look in a home. The possible end consumer is drawn to that environment or look and ends up shopping relating to that styled image. Today’s image is an older one from a former campaign but really timeless.

So, why is this mood board working?

I. First of all, the FUNNEL SHAPE which point towards the product itself that is placed at the lower 2/3 of the image. Your eye goes from top to bottom and ends at a (not so) randomly placed still life. What started with a pleasant visual scroll, ends with concise information. That is very smart. Imagine for a moment the funnel pointing toward the top (ok, that would not be a funnel anymore but a kind of triangle)…Loosing the message here, right? The mood board in itself is not selling anything but helps to sell it all!!!

II. NEGATIVE SPACE makes sense here due to the funnel shape and it is always a very good counterpart to much overlaying. The eye needs to rest a bit.

III. If you OVERLAY, do it wisely. I will talk in many upcoming posts still about overlaying and the right way to do it. It’s in itself an entire technique to learn. For today, please note, if you overlay all images as it’s done here, it just works, if you don’t aim to give a concrete message but an overall look. And it works too here because all images have the same colour palette. This collage is more about about a general mood or lifestyle. Notice, the most eye-catching image is at the bottom of the collage – right there where it points toward the product!

IV. And last but not least, we have a certain COLOUR COMBO here which is mainly b&w and a few sepia brown (is there a different translation for ‘sepia’ you know of?) images to make it warmer and, in my opinion, add interest. The colour palette is very steady and the pop of the yellow glass is just perfect. B&W only is fine but you might risk to make it a bit flat. And remember, we talk about a sales strategy here.

Suggestions: I would have tried to place the yellow glass just underneath the funnel but then we talk symmetry or not, and there are some different opinions on the market on that topic.

So, what do you think? Do you agree on the balance of this mood board?

If you are interested in receiving weekly moodboarding tips and can’t make it for now to any of my workshops, sign in my newsletter, I will share tips and more analysis over there. G, xx

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‘It’s a moody day’ – Instagram challenge #7

Here we are again with a new It’s a moody day post. This time we have quite some colours and I love them all!

lilyandfrank ‘It’s a moody day’ – Instagram challenge #7

Congrats to lilyandfrank! That looks so yummy and I particularly love the blue cup and the blurred background here. And who could resist dark chocolate and cherries?

Collage4 ‘It’s a moody day’ – Instagram challenge #7

But wow, these four images are so amazing too. It’s been difficult to choose. Thank you  Firenza Flowers, Brownbirdnest, Simmykins and Mrsmelenets for participating this week!

You can see former editions here, and I hope to see you this Wedenesday again! G, xx

PD: If you read this post for the first time, It’s a moody day is my Wednesday styling challenge on Instagram. If you’d like to join in, all you need to do is upload a moody image of your choice that same day with the hashtag #itsamoodyday and tag me @gudyherder. My favourite is shared each week on the blog together with 4 favourites.

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