How to stand out on a market where 'No More Sameness' has become the new leitmotiv of many?

The good news is the future still belongs to those who believe in progress. And progress comes via innovation and trends.

Knowing what comes next can be crucial for your business and future developments.

If you have visited Milan but did not manage to spend the entire week or couldn't attend at all this year, this in-depth coverage reveals what has been going on featuring 

  • more than 100 different projects
  • more than 200 images
  • 3 Micro Trends with 20 examples
  • 9 Color Trends
  • our popular keyword cloud
  • worksheets helping to gain new insights for your business
  • NEW: an innovative way of collaboration between designers and brands (that might inspire you A LOT)
  • NEW: criticism as a form of design
  • NEW: 8 video covering different design events

The Design Week sets the tone when it comes to

  • new product lines to be developed 
  • color palettes to work with
  • innovative materials to be aware of
  • get to know the shapes that influence design today
  • confirm not only Micro but Mega Trends
  • share ideas and critical approaches of design schools

What did happen in Milan in 2017?

Grasping all available information and getting to conclusions can be overwhelming. 

Every year in April, Salone del Mobile and Fuorisalone define the Milan Design Week, the most important event in the world related to the topic of design. 

With more than 340.000 visitors and 2.000 exhibitors, the Salone has celebrated another successful edition, yet we consider Off-Salone events to be relevant catalysts for innovation. 

“This is not only a sum-up of events and projects but the report analyzes THE WHY behind the trends, describes drivers and 

origin of new streams and innovative styles.” - Gudy Herder

The pre-sales campaign includes 2 TREND REPORTS in digital version during a limited time frame:

The Milan Trend Report 2016 covers through 150 pages events and trends that are relevant today taking into account 3-5 years life span of trends such as Tactility or Creative Waste. These matter when it comes to product development and defining brand values.

Price: 297€ (free until 17.05.2017)


More than 100 home & lifestyle projects, colors, 9 top installations, critical thoughts expressed through design, the keyword cloud and this year's highlight: our team has been filming all over the design events sharing 8 video clips with you so you get a chance to grasp the feel of the show.

Price: 397€

The report is not meant to be to inspire only but contains worksheets so you can work through the chapters, describe your insights, how you are going to translate these and, ultimately,  what benefit your brand and final customer will gain through the changes.

"The Milan Trend Report is a must for any design related professional thanks to its clarity and effectiveness in defining the key elements for each upcoming trend. I found particularly useful the Cloud Words linked to the selection of representative projects. 

They are a great tool at the beginning of the creative process of a new project as they help to provoke new ideas that are aware of nowadays reality. The selection helps to focus and investigate outstanding works whose poetics can inspire and enrich the design work." - Elena Gadin, Landscape architect

Kind words:



Bundle of:     

  • Milan Trend Report 2017 (digital version) + A FREE Milan Trend Report 2016 (digital version)

Total price:   

  • 694€ (397€+297€)

Pre-sale offer:       

  • 397€ + VAT

Pre-sale date:  

  • 10 - 17.05.2017 (3 pm, GMT+1)

Available for download: 

  • 18.05.2017




Gudy Herder is an international trend consultant, speaker, and certified trainer based in Barcelona, Spain.

First and foremost, Gudy is a visual creative passionate about scouting trends trends in interior design, lifestyle, luxury and fashion. With a sharp eye honed by years of hands-on experience in international retail management, she spots the trends as they emerge.

Together with her team, Gudy help brands and businesses anticipate trends and use them to develop products that inspire, tell a story, and ultimately, sell.

Thank you for sharing this limited offer:) 

We sincerely appreciate!

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