Interior Design & Lifestyle Trends

Spring/Summer 2019

Our digital report will be 

pre-launched on March, 21

You can expect to learn about 

THE ONE BIG IDEA that connects all 3 trends

emotional & rational drivers

material, colors, shapes, directions 

+  70 key visuals 

mood boards

3 color palettes 

14 possible color  combinations

bonus material

The report is thought for anyone wanting to be in the know of 

  1. what currently moves a large part of the society
  2. how to translate this knowledge into design directions
  3. what are the emotional and rational drivers behind a trend
  4. what do consumers expect from brands who work with any of these 4 trends

You are receiving a download link of worksheets so you can put your learnings in your own words and decide which features you would like to translate into collections and/or communication campaigns.

If you would like to be notified first on the pre-launch and its special conditions, let us know:

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